Featuring all stones and medallions in an epic fashion, this symbol represents the spirit of Ocarina of Time and, in effect, of Tokyoboi as well.


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Welcome to the The Cult of Tokyoboi WikiEdit

We are The Cult of Tokyoboi808, our lord and savior, the almighty Zelda Speedrunner. We shall always be an epic cult, who will repopulate the world in ways of epic awesomeness.

About the CultEdit

We are a select group of awesome people of awesomeness, who follow Tokyoboi religiously. We will always be this epic cult. We are awesome. Without the guidance of our lord an savior, we are simply ordinary people. With his guidance and epic speedrunning of Ocarina of Time, we are one. We have the Power, Wisdom and Courage of which the Triforce represents. We are Din, Nayru and Farore incarnate. We are the followers of the Lord and Savior, the almighty Tokyoboi, and together we shall be epic.

Ode to TokyoboiEdit

Imagine me and you, I do;

I think about you day and night - it's only right

to think about Lord Tokyo, each day and night,

We'll stalk him, forever~

(okay, not really an Ode, in fact it sounds like more of a Happy Together parody - but it gets the message across.)

Disclaimer: We're not a real cult. We're just a bunch of tokyoboi's friends and followers of his stream. Don't be offended.

Llamaton is a true Cult member....

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